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About The Human Performance Playbook

October 16, 2023

Welcome to the Human Performance Playbook, an educational resource on the science of human performance created by the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance – a not-for-profit research network that includes academic institutions from around the world. Our mission is to empower individuals with evidence-based insights from world-leading scientists and athletes to help all people reach their peak performance.

We provide answers grounded in the latest research to questions such as: How should your approach to muscle building change as you age? Are foam rolling and ice baths effective? Can long distance-runners prevent bone stress injuries? Does caffeine influence muscle recovery? This will be achieved through a combination of interviews with experts, in-depth explainers, and Q&A sessions. Furthermore, each article will provide actionable insights that people can implement in their lives.

We are an independent organization and provide scientific information solely for the purpose of enabling people to live full lives. You will not see ads on the site. We are not in the business of getting you to buy products. We do want to help you become a wiser consumer of information and will share how we assess research studies that we cite.

The field of human performance is constantly growing and evolving, and so is our resource. As new research and expert insights become available, we will expand and update our library of human performance articles. Whether you are a seasoned athlete pushing your limits, a fitness aficionado, or simply curious how to jumpstart your recovery, we hope the Human Performance Playbook will empower you with the information necessary to help you reach your performance goals.

”What this Alliance is trying to do is to find Hubble-equivalent information about the universe of the body.”

– Ashton Eaton, 2x Olympic gold-medal winning decathlete

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