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Are you one of the fittest people you know?

Or were you once a top competitor? If so, researchers at Stanford University are interested in studying what sets you apart. With just a saliva sample, they aim to study the genomes of some of the fittest people in the world. The whole process will take less than 15 minutes of your time and can be done from your home at no expense to you. Visit for more information.

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Want to help researchers study human cognitive performance?

The Memory Lab at Stanford University is looking for healthy 18-25 year olds to participate in a study on mechanisms of human cognitive performance. If you have no history of memory loss or neurological illness, normal or corrected-to normal vision, and no color blindness, please consider contacting the team. The study involves a three-hour visit to Stanford to complete a memory test while undergoing a non-invasive eye-tracking procedure. Participants will be compensated $20/hour. For more information, contact Shawn Schwartz at (650) 701-7763, or email at [email protected].

Are you looking to increase your activity level?

The Synder Lab at Stanford University is inviting people between the ages of 18 and 55 to participate in a 12-week exercise research study investigating the molecular changes that occur in the body after two types of exercise: high intensity interval training (HIIT) or endurance training. Study volunteers might receive between $200 and $450 for participating in the study. If you are currently engaged in a sedentary lifestyle and are willing to increase your activity level, visit to learn more about the study.

Are you a runner?

Are you interested in helping to improve running performance? A research team from the University of Oregon specializing in the advancement of human performance are looking for runners of any skill level, age 18 and older, to participate in a study that involves filling out a survey, having some basic body measures and 3D body scans taken by the research team. This study requires one lab visit for approximately 45 minutes, where you will receive a $10 gift card at the end of the data collection.

Please contact Cody Barbar, [email protected] (805-836-1324), for more information.

Seeking participants with or without knee pain

Researchers at Stanford Medicine are recruiting participants for a study on [18F] Sodium Fluoride PET-MRI scanning for the evaluation of musculoskeletal pain, inflammation, and skeletal abnormalities. If you are between the ages of 18-80 years, and are either 1) healthy, with no knee injuries or pain or 2) diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis in one knee, you may be eligible for the study. Please read the flyer for more information or contact Yael Vainberg at [email protected].

Interested in helping researchers understand muscle contraction and fatigue?

Researchers at the University of Oregon are seeking volunteers (18-35 and 65-80 years of age) for a muscle physiology research study investigating the proteins involved in muscle contraction and whether they are altered by age and fatigue caused by repetitive activities. The study will involve 3 visits to the lab and a muscle biopsy taken from each leg. There is a $200 compensation for complete participation. For more information, please contact Dr. Damien Callahan at (541) 346-5040 or [email protected].

Can you help us better predict injury and understand the menstrual cycle?

A research team from Stanford University is looking for 18-40 year old participants that run at least 4 times per week and live in the UK or the US. Participants must have recorded their training for the past 2.5 years with a Garmin smartwatch with either an inbuilt heart rate monitor or a chest strap. Part one of the 20-minute online study involves sharing your data from the past 2.5 years stored on Garmin Connect and filling out a survey. The participant will receive a $20 gift card after completion.

Part two of this study will be offered to menstruating female runners on completion of part 1. Participants can opt in to continue to provide training data and complete a short 2-minute survey regarding injury and menstrual cycle information each month for 5 months. Participants will receive an additional $35 Amazon gift card after completion.

Contact Sarah Johnson, [email protected], for more information and visit to sign up.

Curious about your balance?

Researchers at Stanford University are developing a balance assessment tool and are recruiting subjects with a wide range of balance abilities, from those who struggle with balance to those trained in balance activities like gymnasts and dancers. For the study, subjects will complete a 10-15 minute survey about general health, balance, and activity levels. They will then perform a set of balance tasks, which will be recorded with OpenCap – an open source software tool that performs motion capture and analysis from two smartphone videos. For more information, contact Hannah Heigold at [email protected].

Are you a highly trained or elite athlete?

Researchers at the University of Oregon are conducting a study on a CORE sensor that externally monitors body temperature. If you are an endurance athlete between the ages of 18-59 years old and you are interested in participating, contact the laboratory at (541) 357–9782. You may also reach the team at [email protected]. Please leave a message with the best phone number to reach you as well as your availability.

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