Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance Research Symposium

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Digital Twins to Optimize Training, Equipment, and Recovery

Advances in computational modeling, along with wearable sensing and device design, are enabling researchers to create digital twins that provide personalized insights to optimize training plans, customize equipment and devices, and support recovery from injuries.

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Female Athlete Performance

Half the world’s population is female, and more girls and women are participating in sport than any time in history; however, exercise and sports science research is still conducted predominantly in male populations.

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Reversing Injury with Regenerative Medicine

Advances in regenerative medicine and rehabilitation protocols are helping to dramatically accelerate healing for multiple tissue types, helping reach the vision of reversing injury and fully restoring function to damaged tissues.

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The Molecular Orchestra of Performance

By measuring molecular changes that occur during training, performance, injury, and recovery, research is fueling innovations in functional nutrition and sleep, personalized training, biomarker discovery and diagnostics, therapeutics, and recovery regimens. 

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Alliance Research Highlights and Late-Breaking Findings

Ongoing research efforts across the Alliance are pushing the boundaries of our understanding and optimization of human performance. This session highlights some of those late-breaking findings and provides a preview of research to be explored through the posters and demos.

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The Power of Collaborative Research and Team Science

Kathryn A. “Kam” Moler, PhD, the Vice Provost and Dean of Research at Stanford University, will discuss the power of collaborative research and team science.

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Posters and Demos

Students, postdoctoral fellows, and other researchers from across all of the Alliance institutes will share the latest results from their research through posters and demos.

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Our keynote speaker, Ashton Eaton, will provide closing remarks about key needs for human performance research and the potential impact on athlete performance and health. Mr. Eaton is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon and currently develops engineering solutions to advance human performance.

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