Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance All-Hands Meeting

Keynote and Panelist Bios

Individuals from industry and academia will join our All-Hands Meeting to share their experiences and inspire you in your career in human performance.

Jennifer Heil | Olympic Champion, Founder of B2ten, Public Policy Developer 

After winning her first Olympic medals for Canada in Turin (2006) and Vancouver (2010) and achieving the Guinness World Record for World Championship freestyle skiing gold medals, Jennifer Heil turned her athlete’s focus to becoming a founder of B2ten and a policy developer of Safe Sport to address abuse and harassment. Today, Ms. Heil is building an AI powered women’s healthtech startup that uses machine learning to match people to care, directing them to what they need, when they need it. Ms. Heil is a Quebec and Alberta Sports Hall of Famer and Governor General M.S.C. recipient holder, as well as a McGill University and Stanford University alumnus. She is also a Canadian Order of Sport Recipient and Stanford Graduate School of Business Leadership Award Winner. In her spare time, Ms. Heil is a CBC sports commentator for World Cup and Olympic freestyle skiing competitions. She is also raising two boys to be the next generation of forward-thinking leaders with her partner, and still takes to the slopes whenever she can.

Lauren Benson, PhD | Tonal

Lauren Benson, PhD, is a biomechanist with a research interest in sports and real-world movement patterns. She is a former Associate Data Scientist for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. Dr. Benson completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Calgary on the topic of using wearable devices to monitor movement for sport injury prevention. Dr. Benson holds a PhD in Health Sciences (Biomechanics) and also has many years experience as a coach and athlete.

Edith Arnold, PhD | Apple, Inc. 

Edith Arnold, PhD, completed her doctoral degree in mechanical engineering within the Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab at Stanford University. During this time she helped to produce an open-access software system that lets users develop musculoskeletal models and create dynamic simulations of movement. Following her PhD, she moved to an industry research position for 2 years with St. Jude Medical (now Abbott) before moving to work as a scientist at Apple Inc. Currently, Dr. Arnold is working at Apple Inc. as a senior engineering manager leading a biomechanics research team for product design.

Akshay Chaudhari, PhD | Stanford University 

Akshay Chaudhari, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Integrative Biomedical Imaging Informatics at Stanford section in the Department of Radiology and leads the Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging research group. His research interest lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and medical imaging. His group develops new techniques for accelerated MRI acquisition and analysis, extracts insights from CT imaging, and creates deep learning algorithms for healthcare. Dr. Chaudhari has won the W.S. Moore Young Investigator Award and the Junior Fellow Award from the International Society for MR in Medicine. He is part of the Academy of Radiology’s Council of Early Career Investigators in Imaging program, serves as the Associate Director of Research and Education at the Stanford AIMI Center, and is an advisory board member of the Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics Center.

Gabriella Lindberg, PhD | University of Oregon 

Gabriella Lindberg, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon. She completed her PhD, postdoc, and research fellowship at the University of Otago and has worked at a medical device company. The Lindberg lab pursues a blueprint to bridge the gap between engineered and native musculoskeletal tissues, focusing on the design of individualized clinically relevant in vitro models and organoids. Within the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance, Dr. Lindberg is exploring cellular therapies and rehabilitation strategies to promote tissue repair after knee injuries in athletes. She has published papers cited more than 1000 times, successfully commercialized her research with a licensed patent, and received the International Society of Biofabrication Young Investigator Award, as well as the Consortium for Medical Device Technologies and the Medical Technologies Centre of Research Excellence awards.

Kenneth Kozloff, PhD | University of Michigan 

Ken Kozloff, PhD, is the Steven A. Goldstein Collegiate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Michigan. He earned a BS, MS, and PhD in engineering at the University of Michigan. He completed a T32 postdoc fellowship at the Center for Molecular Imaging Research at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, followed by additional postdoctoral training at Boston Children’s Hospital. His basic science research program focuses on regulators of bone mass, structure, and material properties as they relate to diseases of genetic, hormonal, or mechanical origin. Dr. Kozloff is the Co-Director of the University of Michigan’s Exercise and Sport Science Initiative, where he focuses on the use of wearable technology to quantify physical activity and physiologic response to exercise in order to avoid overuse injuries, enhance adaptation, and optimize human performance.

Caroline Kryder | Oura 

Caroline Kryder is ŌURA’s Science Communications Lead, helping teams across the company educate users on their health by breaking complex scientific concepts into “bite-sized” pieces. Before joining ŌURA, she helped clients build their own biometric research programs using eye-tracking, EEG, heart rate, facial coding, GSR, and implicit testing at Nielsen. Her work focused on exploring questions like “how do male and female superheroes inspire different emotions in different audiences?” Her passion is to empower people to understand their health and talk about science in their own words. Caroline has her BA from Carleton College and lives in San Francisco.

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