Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance Research Symposium

Alliance Research Highlights and Late-Breaking Findings

Ongoing research efforts across the Alliance are pushing the boundaries of our understanding and optimization of human performance. This session highlights some of those late-breaking findings and provides a preview of research to be explored through the posters and demos.

Estimation of Knee Cartilage Pressures During Cycling | Poster 7

Anthony Gatti, PhD | Stanford University 

Immersive Simulation for Intelligent Prosthetic Arms | Demo 39

Shivani Guptasarma | Stanford University 

Changes in Countermovement Jump Force-Time Characteristic in Elite Male Basketball Players: A Season-Long Analyses | Poster 11

Nicolas Philipp | University of Kansas

Closed Your Rings?: Estimating Energy Expenditure in the Real-World Using Wearable Technology | Poster 3

Samuel Benabou | Stanford University 

Multiscale Computational Modeling of Regional Skeletal Muscle Mechanical and Molecular Response to Acute Exercise  | Poster 25

Katie Knaus, PhD | University of California San Diego

Relationship Between Internal and External Training Load in Professional Male Volleyball Players| Poster 17

Damjana Cabarkapa | University of Kansas

Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry Percent Fat Z-score as a Predictor of Female Athlete Menstrual Status | Poster 15

Meghan Keating, MPAS, PA-C | Boston Children’s Hospital

Acute Skeletal Muscle Fatigue Reduces Cellular Passive and Active Stiffness | Poster 13

Grace Privett | University of Oregon

Synovial-cartilage Organoids for Pre-clinical Modeling of Knee Trauma | Poster 27

Malley Gautreaux | University of Oregon

Transcriptional Rhythms of Exercise Revealed in Large-scale Human Datasets Through Algorithmic Comparison | Poster 9

Aidan Glina | Salk Institute, University of California San Diego

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