Session III: Reversing Injury with Regenerative Medicine

Researchers during this session presented new therapies and research to heal cartilage, bone, tendon, and muscle. Dr. Charles Chan presented his work guiding resident stem cells to rejuvenate bone and blood. 

“We can get the skeletal cells to regenerate back to the level of young adults,” said Dr. Chan, co-lead of the Regenerative Rehabilitation moonshot at Stanford University. Moreover, his team can “rejuvenate the bone marrow microenvironment so that they make more adaptive immune cell types and less pro-inflammatory cell types that can lead to ‘inflamm-aging’, which is also tied to atherosclerosis and Alziehmers.”

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Other Presentations During This Session

  • Dr. Robert Guldberg, presenting on behalf of Dr. Nick Willett, explores the efficacy and mechanisms behind using mesenchymal stromal cells for therapy for joint injuries and osteoarthritis. Dr. Guldberg and Dr. Willet lead the Regenerative Rehabilitation moonshot.
  • Dr. Keith Baar who discusses his work “filling in the hole” of a patellar tendon injury. This field of research is much-needed considering that ”75% of the reason why your favorite athlete is out of performance is probably related to a tendon injury.” Dr. Baar is an Alliance Agility Project Awardee.
  • Dr. Helen Blau on the transformative work she has performed in her lab to return the strength of aged and weakened muscles back to a healthy, young baseline in mice. Dr. Blau is a Stanford Agility Project Awardee. 






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