Keynote: Ashton Eaton, 2X Olympic Gold Medalist

The day was capped by 2x Olympic gold-medal winning decathlete Ashton Eaton’s keynote speech. He shared stories about how he strived to take a scientific approach to his training and performance, in spite of the available data being often limited to “gut instincts.” Eaton expressed how the Wu Tsai Alliance’s Digital Athlete program would have been a game-changer for him by providing scientific insights to back up his intuition and creating a personalized training regime. 

“If you are not improving, you either have a knowledge limitation or a capability limitation. I had a knowledge limitation,” said Eaton, who goes on to explain his experience in the lead up to the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016.

Eaton described his gut instincts in sport as “crude, qualitative, subjective,” and explains why he appreciates what everyone is doing at the Wu Tsai Alliance. “I was very qualitative, and I feel like this Alliance is working to quantify some of that stuff, and indeed increase the knowledge and therefore increase the capability by giving people more understanding about what actually it is that they can do.”

 ”What this Alliance is trying to do is to find Hubble-equivalent information about the universe of the body.”

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